Prestressed Grouting Bolt

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Large quantity of tunnel construction shows that rock loosing and displacement mainly takes place in the surrounding rock of hard rock tunnels, with the characters of small deformation and abruptness. So it's difficult to solve the problems existed in tunnel support of hard tunnel only by hollow grouting anchor, especially in the hard tunnel at jointed fractured zone.

MAXDRILL shell expansion prestressed grouting bolt consists of inner anchor head, anchor body, conduit, stopper, plate and outer anchor head. Furthermore, the hollow anchor body connects with other parts and embodies the virtues of hollow grouting anchor and active tensing. Thus the problem of support in hard rock tunnel can be solved completely by using our prestressed grouting bolts.

Features of Prestressed Grouting Bolt
1. It is easy to install prestressed inner anchor head with ordinary drilling tool and prestress can be applied in time.
2. Active tensing and certain super-tensing are possible, with the prestress up to 6tons.
3. With special tool, tensing operation can be carried out by single person and complex tool for tensing is unnecessary.
4. With hollow grouting anchor, the anchor body can be fully covered and high pressure grouting is available. Furthermore the surrounding rock is improved and grouting is carried out easily.

Technical parameters of Prestressed Grouting Bolt

Tensile force of anchor body (KN) 150 Prestress can be applied (KN) 60
Inner head O.D of shell expansion anchor (mm) 40 Inner head length of shell expansion anchor 140
Diameter Of anchor hole(mm) 42 Diameter of grouting hole (mm) 6
I.D/ O.D of pre-stressed conduit 26/28 Prestress plate (mm) 150 × 120×8
Grouting stopper YF26S Patented pre-stress outer anchor head YF1506Z

Construction technology
1. Installation of shell expansion prestressed grouting bolt:
1) To drill hole with Φ42 bit and clean hole.
2) To insert the anchor with shell expansion inner head to the bottom of drill hole.
3) To press anchor body and make anchor head contact with the hole bottom tightly. After left rotating to certain position, install grouting stopper, plate, nut and patented prestress outer head and professional tools.
4) To apply prestress and tense to specified value.

2. Grouting
The aim of grouting is to enwrap the prestressed anchor body, prevent it from being eroded, fill the cracks and improve the surrounding rock. So full grouting is very important and completed special grouting pump and adaptor should be taken to guarantee the effect of MAXDRILL prestressed grouting bolt.

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