Hollow Grouting Anchor

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Hollow grouting anchor is composed of anchor body, head, stopper, plate and nut. It can achieve full and pressured grouting at the maximum, comparing to traditional motor anchor. Also, it is easy to install the plate and nut without needing machining thread at site. As a result, our hollow grouting anchors are widely used in radial and slope reinforcement, as well as pit support.

MAXDILL hollow grouting anchor embodies the anchoring and grouting as a whole. It is unnecessary to pull out the anchor after grouting since it is used a grouting pipe during construction. Compared with that of traditional one, this kind hollow grouting anchor is characterized by the following:
1. It has the function of grouting due to its hollow design and motor loosing is avoided.
2. Full and pressured grouting is available, which improves the drilling quality.
3. The anchor body can be positioned in the middle very well under the help of various spare parts. Furthermore the anchor is covered by motor in full length and erosion is avoided, realizing the purpose of long-term support.

Construction technology
It is very easy to use hollow grouting anchor, which the traditional technology of anchoring after grouting is replaced by grouting after anchoring. With the grouting pressure of several kilograms, the anchor holes are fully filled and the grout is penetrated into the cracks under the help of pressure to improve the surrounding rock.
1. To drill hole with ordinary jackhammer and then clean it.
2. To insert MAXDRILL hollow grouting anchor with head in the hole and the hangnail on the anchor head catches anchor.
3. To install grouting stopper, plate and nut.
4. To connect anchor end with the grouting pump by an adaptor.
5. To grout to designed value in the case of pressured grouting for improving surrounding rock.

Technical parameters of Hollow Grouting Anchor

Type KML25 KML32
O.D (mm) 25 32
Tensile strength(MPa) 600 600
Dia.of grouting hole (mm) 15 22
Dia. of drill hole(mm) 42 51
Thread direction In left
Standard length (m) 3.0 3.5 4.0 4.5
Length error ±1%

Maxdrill Rock Tools Company is a major hollow grouting anchor manufacturer and supplier based in China. We constantly adopt new advanced technologies and develop new drilling tools. Then, we are now able to provide top hammer drilling tools, down the hole drilling tools, taphole drilling and quarry drilling tools, and so on. We also furnish customized drilling tools according to customers' request.
For more information, please contact us at Maxdrill Rock Tools Company. We look forward to offering better services.

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