1. Rock AnchorRock anchors come into a wide range, and that are commonly used are strand anchor system, sledge drive rock anchor systems, bail anchor systems, self drilling anchor bolt, hollow grouting anchor, pre-stressed grouting bolt. They are widely used in tunnel pre-support, slope and roadbed reinforcement. A complete self drilling anchor system covers anchor rod, steel plate, coupling sleeve, nut and anchor bits.
    1. Taphole DrillingA taphole drilling is also known as tap hole drill machine. Our taphole drillings mainly include taphole drill rod and taphole drill bit, and are widely used to drill a hole through the refractory lining for blast furnace. Also, we can provide custom tap hole drill machines according to customers’ requirements.
    1. Raw MaterialsMaxdrill Rock Tools Company is a major drilling tools manufacturer based in China. To ensure the high quality of our top hammer drilling tools, down the hole drilling tools and taphole drilling, and more, we produce some raw materials by ourselves.
    1. Threaded Drilling Tools

      Bit Diameter: 33mm-45mm
      Length of drill rod: 250mm-4000mm
      Button bit design: Flat face, drop centre, normal and retrac body.