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Project: Iron ore exploitation
Time: 2017
Nature of rock: Iron Ore – medium-hard rock
Drill rig model: Atlas Copco Boomer281
Specifications of test product: Thread button bit: 45mm-R32 (semi-ballistic)
Total drilled depth: 400m
Depth of single hole: 3m
Customer feedback:
kemai drill bit drilled about 400m deep at this test. For the first 30 holes, the average time was 2.5min/hole, it slowed down after drilled 30 holes and the average time was 3.83min/hole. The product quality is pretty good.

Project: Construction engineering
Time: 2016
Nature of rock: Limestone soft rock
Drill rig model: Atlas Copco D7
Specification of test product: Thread button bits 76mm-T45
Depth of single hole: 2m

Project: Copper ore exploitation
Time: Jan 2013
Drill rig model: Atlas Copco Simba 1354
Rock drill: Thread button bits: T45-76mm buttons
Specification of test product: T45-1525mm
MF rod: MF rods – T45-MF-1525mm
Nature of rock: Hardness (f): 8-10
Customer feedback:
For T45x1525MF rod, the quality is reliable and it drilled 582.9m deep. The result was very ideal.

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