Self Drilling Anchor Bolt, Accessories

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Self drilling anchor bolts are widely used as an efficient anchoring means, for drilling, grouting and anchoring in tunnel pre-support, slope anchor, mining, roadbed reinforcement and other projects, and they can work well in narrow space. We also provide accessories of drilling tools, like anchor bits, coupling, spherical nuts, plates, and stopper.

Self-drilling Anchor Installation

It's very convenient with MAXDRILL self-drilling anchor during construction, which is coupled by left- rotated international wave-shape thread.

1. Drilling: The anchor with anchor head is drilled to designed depth with carriage or jackhammer (The anchor can be elongated with coupling).
2. The drilling machine is dismantled and grouting stopper is installed in the anchor hole which is 25cm away from the orifice. In special condition of too fractured zone and high grouting pressure is needed, anchoring agent is used to seal it.
3. The end of anchor is connected with grouting pump by an adaptor.
4. Grouting will not stop until it is full enough and the pressure reaches the designed value, which is determined by design parameters and performance of grouting.
5. Plate and nut are installed according to design requirements.


Self-drilling hollow anchor bolts and accessories
Self-drilling hollow anchor bar

Outer side diameter Average Internal diameter Effective external diameter Aver.eff. Cross sectional area Ultimate load capacity Yield load capacity Average tensile strength Rm Average yield strength Rp0,2 Theoretical weight Thread type
mm mm mm mm2 KN KN N/mm2 N/mm2 KG/m
R25N 25 14 23 244 210 150 805 660 2.4 ISO 10208
R32N 32 18.5 29.1 396 280 230 720 560 3.4
R32S 32 15 29.1 488 360 280 740 570 4.1
R38N 38 19 35.7 717 500 400 700 540 6.5
R51L 51 36 47.8 776 550 450 690 580 7.8
R51N 51 33 47.8 939 800 630 840 670 9.8 ISO 1720
T76N 76 51 76 1835 1600 1200 880 660 15.0
T76S 76 45 76 2400 1900 1500 790 630 19.7
Anchor plate 120mm X 120mm X 6mm 150mm X 150mm X 8mm 200mm X 200mm X 10mm
Anchor nut SW41 x H35 SW46 x H45 SW65 x H55
Coupling D35 x L150 D41 x L160 D55 x L170 D64 x L120
Drill Bit According to different condition, choose alloy, steel...Bit, custom design is available.


Bit with thread R25 Description Size Weight (kg) Part No. Remark
Cast cross bit R25/42 mm 0.35 25MR31042 Cast cross bit for sand and gravel
R25/51 mm 0.38 25MR31051
Steel cross bit R25/42 mm 0.30 25MR31142 Hardened cross bit for loose to medium dense conditions with small boulders.
R25/51 mm 0.40 25MR31151
R TC cross bit R25/42 mm 0.35 25MR31242 TC cross bit for soft to medium rock formations
25/51 mm 0.45 25MR31251
Bar R25 Length(mm) Part No.

1 m long 25MR01

2 m long 25MR02

3 m long 25MR03

4 m long 25MR04

6 m long 25MR06

Coupler R25 Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Part No.

38 150 25MR1538

Nut R25 Key size(mm) Length(mm) Part No.

41 41 25MR4141

Spherical nut R25 Key size(mm) Length(mm) Weight (kg) Part No.
41 41 0.33 25MR4141S
Anchor plate R25 Dimension(mm) Hole diameter(mm) Weight (kg) Part No.
150×150×8 27 1.36 25MR0827
200×200×10 27 2.99 25MR1027

For more information, please contact us at Maxdrill Rock Tools Company, or you can download the file: self drilling anchor bolt, accessories.

(1)Diameter: R25, R32, R38, R51, T76.
(2)Maximum Tensile Load: 200-1900KN.
(3)Yield Load: 150-1500KN.
(4)Standard length: we can offer any length according to construction require.
(5)Productivity of Self Drilling Anchor Bolt: 400MT/ month
(6)Productivity of Self Drilling Anchor Bolt Accessories of drilling tool: 10000PCS/ month

Maxdrill Rock Tools Company is a China-based self drilling anchor bolt manufacturer approved by ISO9001:2000. Our drilling tools, like top hammer drilling tools, down the hole drilling tools and rock anchors, and more, are manufactured with advanced production equipment and technologies, and raw materials are thoroughly inspected to ensure high quality. Then these drilling products have reliable quality and reasonable price.
If you are interested in our drilling tools, please contact us for more information at Maxdrill Rock Tools Company. We look forward to working with you.

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