This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Our down the hole drilling tools mainly include down the hole hammers, down the hole drill bits and overburden drills, and so on. They can be mounted on rock drilling equipment and mining drilling equipment, and are widely used for drilling in road construction, mining industries, and other similar projects.

Maxdrill Rock Tools Company is a professional down the hole drilling tool manufacturer based in China. Our vast experience in producing drilling tools ensures us to provide a wide range product, such as top hammer drilling tools, rock anchor, taphole drilling, quarry drilling tools and down the hole drilling tools, etc. These products are manufactured rigidly according to ISO9000 quality management system, and have been exported to Malaysia, Iran, the Netherlands, the Philippines, the United States and other countries.

For ordering and inquiries, please contact us at Maxdrill Rock Tools Company. We look forward to working with you.