Drill Pipes

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

A drill pipe is a hollow, thick wall steel piping, and it is typically used on drilling rigs to assist in the drilling of a wellbore. Drill pipes come in a great variety of sizes, strengths and weights, etc., but the lengths commonly ranges from 30 to 33 feet. As it is hollow, it allows drilling fluid to be pumped through it, down the hole and back up the annulus.

More often than not, users make great efforts to reuse drill pipe after finishing a well. Used drill stem have to be inspected before reusing, in order to prevent fracture during future wellboring.

As an experienced drill pipe manufacturer and supplier, we know the importance of keeping and attracting more customers. Hence, we work diligently to improve the quality and reduce the production cost of our drill pipes, and other products as well, such as reaming bit, taper drilling tool and so on.

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