8'' DTH hammer

High Air Pressure with foot valve DTH Hammers

  • Item Description Weight (Kg) Part Number
    1 Top Sub 41.00 MSD801
    2 "O" Ring of Top Sub 0.02 MSD802
    3 Breakout Ring 0.20 MSD803
    4 Check Valve 1.50 MSD804
    5 Spring 0.10 MSD805
    6 Compression Buffer 0.42 MSD806
    7 Air Distributor 12.50 MSD807
    8 Internal Cylinder 8.60 MSD808
    9 Piston 42.00 MSD809
    10 External Cylinder 65.00 MSD810
    11 "O" Ring of Stop Ring 0.05 MSD811
    12 Stop Ring 1.20 MSD812
    13 Guided Sleeve 3.40 MSD813
    14 Drive Chuck 16.00 MSD814
    15 Drill Bit MSD815

According to your request, the top sub can be made into two spanners, and put protection buttons. An air controlling hole can be drilled on the check valve to provide more efficient cuttings discharge.

Technical Parameters
Length(Less bit) Weight(Less bit) External Diameter Bit Shank Hole Range Connection Thread
1463mm 192.00Kg ø180mm SD8 ø195-ø254 API 4 1/2" Reg
Working Pressure Impact Rate At 1.7Mpa Recommended Rotation Speed Air Consumption
1.0-2.5Mpa 20HZ 15-25r/min 836-1150CFM

Detailed air consumption can be seen in appendix P73

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