Air Leg Rock Drill

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Air leg rock drill YT28 is most suitable for drilling horisonal and inclined blast-holes in medium-hard or hard rock, and also is fit for making roof bolting holes. It can be widely used in mining, road construction and tunnel excavation, and other similar projects. Besides, air leg rock drill YT28 can be equipped with FT160BC or FT160BD air leg, as well as FY200B line oiler with transparent casing, which can be mounted on a rig or a wagon.

Features of Air Leg Rock Drill
1. Air leg rock drills are equipped with grouped control mechanism and "air-on, water-on, air-off" mechanism, resulting in quick to start up and easy to handle and maintain.
2. Rock drill YT28 is characterized of low noise, small vibration, energy-saving, reliable performance, and highly interchangeable parts with long service life.
3. Air leg rock drills are different form similar products particularly in its high efficiency, strong flushing and powerful torque.

Parameters of YT28 Air Leg Rock Drill

Weight kg 26
Size (L*W*H) mm 661×247×195
Air consumption* l/s ≤81
Air hose dia mm 25
Water hose dia mm 13
Impact frequency* Hz ≥37
Bit size mm 34~42
Drilling depth m 5
Shank (hex. *L) mm 22×108±1

Air pressure: 0.63MPa

Specifications of FY200B Line Oiler

Capacity ml 200
Weight kg 1.02

Parameters of Air-leg

Weight kg 16.9 1.4.4
Length mm 1800 1400
Feed length mm 1365 965

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