Rotary and Cutting Teeth

Category Type Application image
Sediment type series TY3050-19A1-C Suitable for the very soft sediment and the mining industry, not allowed into the rock
Efficiency series JC3050L-19B2-C 1.Suitable for sandstone, pebbles and limestone below 30MPa;
2.High drilling efficiency;
JC3060L-22B2-C 1. Suitable for sandstone, pebbles, caves and limestone below 50MPa;
2. High drilling efficiency;
Durable series JC3050-19B2-C/S The king of limestone cost
JC3050-22B2-C/S The king of cost-effective basalt,Granite, for 40MPa the following rock
JC3055-19B2-C/S The king of Sandstone cost
JC3055-22B2-C/S Granite, for 60MPa the following rock
JC3055-25B2-C/S Cave rock layer nemesis, specializing in cave or fissured rock formation conditions
JC3060-22B2-C/S The king of pebbles, cobblestone conditions ace products.
JC3060-25B2-C/S Granite, basalt nemesis, for more than 60MPa rock.
Tackling series HT3050-19C-C/S
1、Tackle tough, any complex and large loss of rotary gear teeth can be applied to the working conditions.
HT3060-22C-C/S 2.Excellent wear and rotation of trouser body performance, drastically improve drilling efficiency and reduce the consumption of rotating teeth.

Tooth seat series
68-95 circular gear seat Wear-resistant round tooth seat
78-95 round tooth seat
B43 square tooth seat Wear-resistant square-shaped seat

TY: Sand Series 30: Shank Diameter 50: Big Head Diameter 19: Alloy Diameter A1: Wear Resistant Coating Material C: Alloy Teeth Grade.

JC: Durable Series 30: Shank Diameter 50: Big Head Diameter 19: Alloy Diameter B2: Wear
Resistant Coating Material C / S: Alloy Teeth Grade.

HT: Hardening Series 30: Shank Diameter 50: Big Head Diameter 19: Alloy Diameter C: Alloy Body Care C / S: Alloy Teeth Grade.

Category Type Application Image

Ordinary asphalt series
PT01 Suitable for the repair of ordinary asphalt pavement milling

Modified asphalt series
GX01 Suitable for the repair of modified asphalt pavement

Cement Pavement Series
SN01 Suitable for cement road and water mixed layer milling repair

Cold regeneration series
ZS01 Suitable for cold regeneration series machines

PT: Ordinary asphalt
GX: Modified asphalt
SN: Cement concrete pavement
ZS: Cold regeneration
01: General type, suitable for most of the corresponding condition
PT, GX, cement are 20 shank diameter, ZS is 22 shank diameter, when used with the attention of the gear seats

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