Marble and Granite Drilling Tools

    1. Rock Drills The rock drill is mainly used in small quarries, construction mines in mountain areas, water conservancy works in capital construction, and for secondary blasting in large mines and other projects. The Model FY200B Line Oiler is incorporated for lubrication during operation.
    1. Other Stone Breaking Tools Plug hole rods are widely used in boring and drilling in stone quarrying, mineral quarrying, water conservancy, transportation, military industry, geology and civil engineering. They are most often used to be used for drilling bore holes in diameters ranging from 24 to 44mm.
    1. Diamond toolsThe optimum diamond size, concentration and matrix type are dependent on the hardness and abrasiveness of the formation to be drilled.
    1. HDD ToolsMaterial use OCTG, reliable performance;
      Using a unique tool joints twice thicker molding technology;
      Transition band is smooth , which can reduce resistance through the mud;
      Thread of joints liquid nitrogen treatment, surface hardness higher, thereby pipe life is longer.