T76S Self-drilling Rock Bolt and Accessories

Description Size Part No. Weight Remark
(kg) (lb)
T76S Steel cross bit T76/130 mm/EYS 76MT311130 6.00 13.23 Hardened drill bit with buttons for medium to dense soil and rock
TC button bit T76/130 mm/EYSS 76MT302130S 6.00 13.23 As above but with TC-insert s
TC button bit T76/130mm/ESS-F 76MT302130F 6.00 13.23 Button bit with TC-insert s for medium to hard rock formations
Bar T76 Length Type Part No.
1 m long T76S T76N 76MT01S 76MT01N
2 m long T76S T76N 76MT02S 76MT02N
3 m long T76S T76N 76MT03S 76MT03N
4 m long T76S T76N 76MT04S 76MT04N
6 m long T76S T76N 76MT06S 76MT06N
Coupler T76 Diameter Length Part No. Weight
(kg) (lb)
97 220 76MT2297 4.70 10.36
Nut T76 Key size Length Part No. Weight
(kg) (lb)
100 80 76MT8010 2.70 5.95
Anchor plate T76 Dimension Hole diameter Part No. Weight
(kg) (lb)
250×250×40 80 76MT4080 18 39.69
250×250×60 80 76MT6080 27 59.54
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