Application Range:
The eccentric overburden drilling system is suitable for drilling water wells, geothermal wells, micro piles, and medium mini-type grouting holes in buildings, dams and harbor projects.

Design Principles:
The casing makes the drilling system easy to follow and operate.

Outstanding Advantages:
Simple structure, easy operation, reliable quality, retrievable drilling tools, and long service life.

Operation Procedure
1. As soon as the drilling starts, the reamer opens and enlarges the hole to drive the casing shoe and casing tube down.
2. When drilling in over-burden formation is complete, start reverse circulation in order to close the reamer. Then pull up the assembly through the casing tube.
3. The casing tube can be left in the hole, or can be pulled out by means of grout sealing material.
4. Use the normal drilling tools to drill and achieve the desired depth.

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