1. Overburden Drilling ToolsWhen drilling starts, the pilot bit drives the ring bit down to the hole, followed by the casing shoe and casing tube.
      At the bedrock, start the reverse circulation of tools and pull the pilot bit from the drill hole. Leave the ring bit in the hole.
    1. Top Hammer Drilling ToolsMaxdrill shank adaptors ensure the quality of a drill string’s interface to meet exact industry requirements. Built to seamlessly interface with hydraulic and pneumatic drifters as well as top hammers, our shank adaptors come in a full range of industry standardized thread configurations.
    1. Self-Drilling Anchor SystemType: R25N, R32N, R32S, R38N, R51L, R51N, T30/11, T40/16, T76N, T76S.
      Max. Tensile Load: 200-1900KN.
      Yield Load: 150-1500KN.
      Standard length: we can supply any length according to construction requirements.